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The New World Order in Bible prophecy

Socialist International in Copenhagen: "Birth of Global Governance"

The only purpose for “Climate Warming” hysteria is to usher in global government.  And they don’t even hide it anymore!

The Bible tells us that the Anti-Christ will rule from the Jewish temple and will be in charge of a one-world government.  That’s what this “global governance” has to do with prophecy.  (Rev 13; Dan. 7:8, 11, 23).

Atlas Shrugs

Europe's looming demise - Washington Times

And this was prophesied in Daniel (Daniel 2:33).

With the signing of this treaty, the feet of iron and clay are now complete on the statue in Daniel’s dream!  Is this the beginning of the tribulation?  Time will tell.

Are you ready to meet Christ, the Messiah?  Have you made Him Lord and Savior?

Two outcomes, I believe, will be seen.

Either Jesus is coming before tribulation and can show Himself at any moment, or Jesus is coming mid-trib.

I don’t know if this is the beginning or not.  I don’t know if this is the covenant of desolation or not.  But it sure is interesting that the Holy Roman Empire is now revived.

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I am not in any way affiliated with that organization, but they make the most sense to me about prophecy.  I don’t agree with all of their doctrine with their church affiliation (I’m a non-denominational Christian) but I do believe they teach sound theology in regard to end times.